You will find videos and short articles on supporting your writing, editing it for clarity, and formatting the paper, along with a handful of cool links to things I reference during class (see the bottom of the page). If you have a question which is not answered, or if the links are not working, please email me.

I want to include a quotation which is five or more lines long. What do I do?

It’s generally a bad idea to include long quotations in your essay, since the longer the quotation, the less space you have in your paper to put forward your own idea. Try shortening the quotation by leaving part of it out.

But if you absolutely have to include the whole quotation, because it’s all relevant to your topic, you will use a block quotation. Watch this video on block quotations.

I want to quote a song or a poem. How do I format this? 

There is a special method for quoting songs or poetry. Watch this video for instructions.

I forgot how to format my paper in MLA. Can you remind me? 

Sure! This video here should answer all your questions about how to arrange the words on the page. If you’re looking for how to set up your Works Cited page, check out this video here.

My writing can be very wordy. How do I correct this? 

Check out this list of 1000 redundant phrases. Eliminate these phrases from your writing.

You can also take a look at this list of words to “dump” from your writing.

Replace “to be” verbs with more interesting ones. Watch this video to learn what “to be” verbs are and how you can eliminate them.

You can also read this handout from the APA Style manual for more suggestions on how to write concisely.

Make your writing “bold & clear” by using the Hemingway App to edit.

Can you tell me more about that awesome thing you referenced in class? 

Sure, I’ll put the links here!

Our faith is opinion & belief, sure! But it’s also true, and supportable! Listen to the White Horse Inn‘s defense of Christianity; they also contrast a biblical understanding of faith with the pop culture’s understanding of it.