May 5

Unless you contact me, your creative project is due in class. An emailed copy is due by 5.00 PM. If I do not receive the emailed copy on time, your project grade will be reduced by 10 points.


May 3

Finish The Buried Giant. 

Rather than doing your literature circle role, 1) identify a quotation that sums up how you feel about the ending of the story, and 2) on an index card, write an open-ended discussion question. You will receive a little extra credit for this, 2 points/assignment on an all-or-nothing basis.

Interested in knowing more about the nuclear bombing of Japan, or the American actions towards Japanese-Americans in World War 2? Check out these links:

  • Hardcore History podcast; “The Destroyer of Worlds“. Excellent history of nuclear development & warfare. Very compelling. Perfect for your drive home!
  • George Takei, “Internment, America’s Great Mistake.” A short essay in the NYT about what happened during the internment of Asian Americans and the lessons we should learn for today.

Remember, your final creative project is due in class on Friday, May 5. Please work hard at doing your very best!

May 1

First task: Print off this exercise.

Mark the comma splices with “CS” and also revise/correct them so they are a complete sentence. You may work with a partner if you want.

Complete #s 1-5 and #8-20.


Second task: Also print off this exercise.

Mark the fragments with an “F” and also revise/rewrite them so they are a complete sentences. In general, you should NOT need to add words. You may work with a partner if you want.

Complete #s 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 11, 15, and 16.

Third task: Bring your laptop computer or writing materials to class. We will work on your paper for 35 minutes.

April 28

Complete the “Evaluating My Ad” chart.

Watch this video on “Dangling Modifiers,” then complete the practice exercise posted immediately underneath the video (you can also click this link to access the exercise). When you’re done, email me & tell me 1) how many questions (out of five) you got correct, and 2) which ones you got correct. I will give you points for this.


April 27

Your half-draft is due. Bring a copy to class. If you want me to glance through your half draft, bring a second copy. If you want me to give your work a longer review than during class, set up a time to meet with me one-on-one.

Your final reading report will be due on May 2 in class.

Your final paper will be due on May 4.

Remember, as we discussed today, your paper needs 1) one paragraph answering a reader objection, and 2) a strong intro & conclusion. Let me know if you have questions.

April 26

You will have a quiz on parallelism.

Fill out the chart (in your packet) that asks you to identify at least two messages in your ad, along with things that you see & hear in the ad that support this. I will not collect this, but I will check that you have it. Use full sentences & neat handwriting.

April 20

Come ready to write your paper for at least 30-40 minutes.

Ask 3-4 people about their rituals (preferably embodied, physical ones) that they use to grow closer to God; write these down somewhere you’ll remember and bring this back to class for discussion.