Due December 8

Your paper is due on December 8. Please share it with me via Google Docs (make sure to choose “Can Edit” or “Can Comment”). It must be received by 2.30 PM to be counted “on time”. After that, it will be late.

In class on Friday, we’ll begin reviewing for your final.

Hang in there, you’re almost done with the semester!



Due December 6

We’re doing our final grammar reading! We’ll be talking about pronoun usage. Please read

When you’re done, complete Exercise 12-4 in your spiral notebook and submit it during class.

Due Monday, December 5

Your rough draft of the final paper is due. This means

  • At least three out of four paragraphs
  • With two quotations (one from each article) in each paragraph
  • And some explanation of each paragraph

Please follow PIE structure in your paragraphs (point, illustration, explanation).


  • Print out TWO copies
  • WITHOUT your name
  • And bring them to class no later than 2.31 PM.

If your rough draft is complete, you will earn five points; if you are on time, you will earn another five points.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Due December 1

Watch the video called “Paragraph Structure” (under “Readings”). On a piece of paper which you will bring into class and turn in, make a list of four things you learn about the correct way to structure a paragraph. What comes first? Second? Last? Why is it important to structure a paragraph in this way?

Also, read this handout on using quotations: https://www.virtualsalt.com/quotehlp.htm

On your piece of paper, describe what you can discuss about your quotations, according to the paragraph. Also, describe at least two things that the handout says, which we also talked about in class on Wednesday.

Please use full sentences and clear handwriting. If your handwriting is not clear, please type your answers; if I cannot read your handwriting, your homework may be returned.

Due November 29

You are strongly encouraged to revise your outline, based on my feedback and what we learned in class on Monday. If you submit it to me on Wednesday (via email is fine), I will give you feedback for it. This will help you know that you’re on the right track.

Due Friday, Nov 17 and Saturday, Nov 18

By Friday, Nov 17, submit your outline to me. Your outline needs

  • Four points, total
  • With at least one similarity and one difference
  • Each supported by two quotations, one from each article

If you want extra credit, you may choose to submit a reflection this week. On your reflection, discuss these questions (not necessarily all of them):

  • What did you learn about reading/comparing sources?
  • What did you learn about organizing your ideas? Where do you still need to work on this?
  • What will you do differently as a writer or a reader based on our reading and organizing exercises this week?
  • How do you still want to improve?

You will earn 5 points for 6+ sentences in your reflection. Reflections must be posted by Saturday midnight.

Due November 15

We’ll be having an in-class work day on your outline. Ahead of time, decide on your four points and find quotations that will support your points.

Bring to class

  • A copy of the two articles you’ve chosen for your essay
  • Something to write with and/or your computer, to write on

The outline template has been uploaded to the course website; you’ll find it under “Course Documents” when you mouse over “Preparing for College Composition.”

Due November 13

Please 1) Bring your TWO hard copies of one article to class, 2) Re-read the sample essay, and 3) Read, in your grammar books, Chapter 11, pgs 132-134, 138-142, 145-151, 153-154.

Do Practice Set 11-1 (133), 11-5 (142), 11-8 (151), and turn your notebook in during class.

We will continue to discuss how to organize your paper, and we’ll learn about punctuation and capitalization.

Due November 10

Decide which two articles you want to write your paper on. Write an exhaustive list of similarities/differences and bring this into class as a hard copy. We’ll use it for an activity.

You have a quiz on passive voice & parallelism.

Also, please print out and bring in at least two copies of ONE article (the same article, an article that you’re going to do your paper on). We will use this for an in-class activity, on Friday if we have time but potentially on Monday.

Due November 6

Your second active reading checklist is due. Choose a different article and fill out the checklist in Google Drive (or if you can’t make that work, on paper is fine too.) Submit before/in class.

Watch this talk about vegetarianism. Keep track of the main reasons that the video says someone might go vegetarian: https://ed.ted.com/featured/dolIWkHI

Your reflection is due by noon on Saturday. We did a lot of reading this week, so please write about

  • What have you learned about your topic? How has your understanding of it deepened, changed, or grown?
  • What have you learned about reading from the checklists? Does the checklist go along with what you did in high school? Are you doing anything new? Is it helping/not helping? What is still hard for you?