May 1

First task: Print off this exercise.

Mark the comma splices with “CS” and also revise/correct them so they are a complete sentence. You may work with a partner if you want.

Complete #s 1-5 and #8-20.


Second task: Also print off this exercise.

Mark the fragments with an “F” and also revise/rewrite them so they are a complete sentences. In general, you should NOT need to add words. You may work with a partner if you want.

Complete #s 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 11, 15, and 16.

Third task: Bring your laptop computer or writing materials to class. We will work on your paper for 35 minutes.

April 28

Complete the “Evaluating My Ad” chart.

Watch this video on “Dangling Modifiers,” then complete the practice exercise posted immediately underneath the video (you can also click this link to access the exercise). When you’re done, email me & tell me 1) how many questions (out of five) you got correct, and 2) which ones you got correct. I will give you points for this.


April 26

You will have a quiz on parallelism.

Fill out the chart (in your packet) that asks you to identify at least two messages in your ad, along with things that you see & hear in the ad that support this. I will not collect this, but I will check that you have it. Use full sentences & neat handwriting.

April 19

Your Ad Analysis paper is due.

Please make the changes your classmates suggested, as well as any other changes that you feel will make your paper clear & successful, then print the paper out & submit it in class.

You should print the paper out in enough time that you can arrive on time to class on Wednesday. Do not wait until the last ten minutes before you print out your paper.

You can access the rubric for your paper here:


April 12

On Monday, we reviewed each other’s papers. Make changes to your paper based on the comments that your classmates left. This will include making the changes that your classmates suggested, but it may include other changes. For example, if one of your classmates suggested that you add more detail in one place, you should probably add more detail in other places too.

Then print out your paper and bring it to class. Please print it far enough before class that you can make it to class in time!

April 10

The rough draft of your ad analysis paper is due. You should bring a hard copy of

  1. Your paragraph describing the ad
  2. Your paragraph explaining who the audience is
  3. Your two paragraphs telling what appeals appear in the ad

Put all the paragraphs in one document, back-to-back with each other.

Print this out & bring it to class. Please print it out well in advance of class, so you can be on time!

April 7

We’ll be writing more in class, so you can have the benefit of one-on-one coaching. Finish your paragraph about who the audience is. Bring your fully charged laptop back to class.

On Monday, April 9, you must bring a complete rough draft of the paper to class!

You also have a take home quiz on passive/active. Complete it & bring it to class on Friday.

April 3

Watch “Paragraph Structure” under the “Readings” tab when you click on “Prep 2”. In your homework notebook, answer these questions:

  • There are three kinds of sentences in every paragraph. List them.
  • Each type of sentence has a different job. In your own words (don’t just repeat what the video says word-for-word), tell what the job of each kind of sentence is.
  • Describe at least two different problems that some topic sentences have, and tell how to avoid each problem.
  • Finally, should you use words like “I will talk about” or “I will discuss” in your paper.