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Hi, all!

Here’s the information I promised I’d put up.

The checklist is here: ENG 101-SUBMISSION CHECKLIST


Due November 30

Please read “Annoying Ways People Use Sources,” available under the “Readings” tab. Identify two “annoying ways to use a source” that you think you may have been guilty of in the past. Describe each one and then tell how you may correct these errors and/or improve your use of quotations, in light of the reading. Post your response on your blog.

If you want a list of transition words, the UW Madison Writing Center offers a helpful list:

Due soon:

  • Dec 5: Half draft due in class.
  • Dec 7: Final You Are What You Love reading
  • Dec 10: Extra credit response
  • Dec 12: Final paper


Upcoming Work

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here’s what’s due over the two weeks when you get back:

Over Thanksgiving: Talk to your friends/family members about your paper. Ask them to poke

holes in it, and to raise objections. Bring these objections back to class on November 28. We’ll be talking about how to answer objections.

November 30: We’ll write an introduction & conclusion in class.22861471_2053630438191912_5559743998289504479_o

December 5: Your half draft is due.

December 7: Your final reading report on You Are What You Love is due.

Dec 12: Paper due.

Due Nov 8-16

Your proposal conference is scheduled at some point during this time. I will email you at least the day before your conference to remind you. Don’t forget to email me your proposal by 5.00 PM the day before we’re scheduled to meet.

Your fourth YAWYL report is due on November 16. There’s a Word document available under “Course Documents”. You may type your answers in the Word document, print it out, and submit it in class.

Due November 7

Read “Monroe’s Motivated Sequence,” available under the “Readings” tab. On your course blog, describe how it is similar to/different from the A-Ha! moment; based on these similarities/differences, what kinds of things can you say in your paper to make it more persuasive? How should you organize your paper?

If you would like extra credit, read the John Piper on “What Truths Do We Need Besides the Bible?” and write a short paragraph (at least 5 sentences) describing how secular sources may complement, or work with, the Bible in your writing work. Why is it important for us as Christians to consult secular sources? You will receive 5 points for a thorough and thoughtful response (this is nearly the equivalent of 2 homework assignments), 3 points for a brief but solid response, and 1 point for an unclear or confusing but hey! at least you put something up! response. The extra credit must be done by Tuesday November 7th and posted in the same blog post as your response about Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

Due November 2

Your definition paper is due!

Read the handout on “Audience”. You will find this under the “Readings” tab of the course website.

Answer these two questions on your blog:

  • Finish the sentence: When writing, my audience is . . . . .
  • Describe two ways that your paper will change if you’re writing to a specific audience. Put another way, when you’re writing for a specific audience, what are two things you can do to make your paper easy to understand and more compelling for them?

Also, please come up to my office and sign up for a Proposal Conference time. Directions and samples for the proposal are available under Course Documents.


Due October 31

Your You Are What You Love reading report is due; read Chapters 3-4 and fill out the report on the Course Documents page.

We will have a “work day” for your definition paper. If you write a rough draft of the paper, you can receive feedback on it during class; you could also bring your computer to class and write the rough draft during that time.