May 3

Finish The Buried Giant. 

Rather than doing your literature circle role, 1) identify a quotation that sums up how you feel about the ending of the story, and 2) on an index card, write an open-ended discussion question. You will receive a little extra credit for this, 2 points/assignment on an all-or-nothing basis.

Interested in knowing more about the nuclear bombing of Japan, or the American actions towards Japanese-Americans in World War 2? Check out these links:

  • Hardcore History podcast; “The Destroyer of Worlds“. Excellent history of nuclear development & warfare. Very compelling. Perfect for your drive home!
  • George Takei, “Internment, America’s Great Mistake.” A short essay in the NYT about what happened during the internment of Asian Americans and the lessons we should learn for today.

Remember, your final creative project is due in class on Friday, May 5. Please work hard at doing your very best!


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