March 29

Read “The Dragon,” posted under the “Readings” part of the course website. Do your assigned role: Word Lover, Connector, or Teacher; and write one discussion question & one “question tracker” type question. You may write this in your notebooks.

(If you were not in class, pick a role based on your birthdate: Jan-April birthdays, do “Word Lover”; May – September birthdays; do “Connector”; October-December Birthdays, do “Teacher. You will find directions for this homework under the “Novel Homework” packet in “Course Documents”.)

Email me 1) one person you really want to work with for the literature circle groups, and 2) one person you don’t really want to work with. This email will be 100% confidential. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll assume you’re cool working with anybody!

Extra credit: 

Write your thesis statement (your answer to the prompt), outline (the order in which your points will appear in your project, based on your thesis), and select a format for your project (e.g. soundtrack, collage) and email me. This is exactly like you did last time, and you will receive five points fro it. Email due by class time on Wednesday.

Buy your copy of The Buried Giant. THIS IS VERY URGENT AND NEEDS TO BE DONE ASAP. If you bring it to class on Wednesday, you will receive three points of extra credit.




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