March 27

Please access and read the “Novel Homework” packet under “Course Documents,” available now.

You’re encouraged to start working on your next creative project! The project is due April 3 in class. 

Want to earn some extra credit? You may do so one of two ways:

  • No later than class time on Wednesday, March 29 email me 1) your thesis statement, which should be simply your answer to the prompt, 2) an outline sketch, which is simply the order in which you’ll present your points, based on the thesis, and 3) your project selection (e.g. soundtrack, collage, etc). You will receive five points for completing this work, about half a letter grade on the project.
  • Purchase your novel & bring it to class on Wednesday, March 29. (We won’t actually use it in class, but I need to see with my own eyes that you’ve got it.) This will earn you three points.12801531_1193895680645131_5549133793676385749_n

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