Due February 28

  • Locate the assignment guidelines online. Read them, print them out & bring them to class.
  • By Friday at 2.00 PM (24 hours), post TWO topics on the “Comments” section of this homework post. Your topics have to be DIFFERENT than anything your classmates post. Then before class on Tuesday, go back and read what other people wrote. Think about what you might want to write about.
  • Your next reading report on You Are What You Love is due. Email me if you have lost the handout.

8 thoughts on “Due February 28

  1. -Need for a full time worker, too much work for elders, who have their own jobs
    -Helping church learn how to reach out to Dubuque’s highly Catholic/Muslim community


  2. – having more ministries directed specifically for the youth
    – getting the church as a whole to participate in community service and public outreach


  3. – Getting the youth involved in sharing the Gospel in our community/Finding good strong leaders for the youth
    -Finding a way to share the Gospel the non-English speakers in our community and assemblies


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