Due February 24

hawthorneRead Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story, “The Birthmark.” (218-231 in your blue books). As you read, keep track in your book of the passages which characterize, or help us understand, the two main people in the story: the scientist Aylmer and his wife Georgiana. Put check marks or stars next to those passages so you can easily find them again in class.

We’ll be talking about “The Birthmark” for two days. On one of those days, probably Friday, we’ll talk about the symbol in the story. To prepare for this discussion, answer these questions in your homework notebook:

  • What do you think the symbol is? How did you decide on this as the symbol?
  • What do you think the symbol stands for? Copy a passage from the story into your homework notebook that proves or illustrates what the symbol stands for.
  • How does knowing what the symbol is change your view of Aylmer?

You’ll write about one short paragraph to answer these questions. Turn your homework book in during class.


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