Due February 21, 23

Your With & Against the Grain paper is due in class on February 23. Please print the paper off well in advance of class, staple the pages together, and bring it with you to class. Also, print off a copy of the rubric and bring that with you to class as well; you’ll find the rubric in the Paper #1 guidelines, under the “Course Documents” tab.

To prepare for turning your paper in, you’ll meet one-on-one with me to go over your rough draft. You will need to

  • Have a complete rough draft, with four paragraphs (two with the grain, two against the grain) that each has a quotation.
  • Email me your paper by 8.00 AM on the day of your meeting
  • Print out a hard copy of your paper and bring it along

Email me if any of this doesn’t make sense, and I’m happy to clarify.


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