Due February 10

Write at least two “theme questions”: short questions about the truths, honor, emotions, morals, and experiences portrayed in “Harrison Bergeron”. Post them in the comments section no later than 24 hours after class (by 10 AM or by 3 PM on Thursday, depending on which section you’re enrolled in.)

Then before class, take a few minutes to scroll through the comments section and see what questions your classmates posted.


31 thoughts on “Due February 10

  1. Did Harrison plan to die, exposing himself to the public and if so why?

    How much does Harrison and the empress’ death impact those involved in the incident?


  2. To what point is fighting what you believe in the right thing to do?
    How did God create us in a way that reveals both equality and uniqueness?


    • I really like your first one especially, Taylor. You might also ask whether it’s possible to encourage individuality (such as Harrison’s) without making people feel bad. In other words, is there a way to celebrate our strengths without making other people realize they don’t *have* those strengths, and feel bad about it?


  3. 1. Does normal really exisit? If so, Who set the defintion and the example for what is normal or best?
    2. Is there really such thing as equality?


  4. Why does one person (like Diana Moon Glampers) decide what is right and wrong?
    Why does everyone want to rebel from what they’re supposed to do?


  5. 1. Does Diana Moon Glampers want the people to be handicapped for the purpose of making the world a better place or does she just want to handicap the people in order for her to stay in power?

    2. What should a society value more; individualism or equality?


  6. Why do you feel the need to drag someone else down in order for them to be “equal” to you?

    Why are you not content with the set of skills God has specifically given to you?


  7. What morals should a government have concerning the public and equality?

    How can new advances in technology effect how a person thinks and how a country is run?


  8. If we look at ourselves within, do we judge people for being unique and different? Do we as Christians have a standard of what is “normal”? And do we stay away from those that aren’t what we consider as “normal” and those who make us uncomfortable?


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