Due February 9

Read “Quotations” (UNC-Chapel Hill), available under the “Readings” tab when you mouse over “English Composition.” Compare what you learn from the reading to what you learned in class the other day:

  • What are a few things that the essay on “Quotations” adds to or repeats from what you learned in class?
  • What are a few new things that you learned from this essay, which you did not learn in class?

Your second research report is DUE in class.

And one more thing I’d like you to do: We’ll be talking about how to explain quotations in class, and it would be helpful if you had a quotation that you could actually explain! So, please select a 2-4 sentence quotation from the source you find for your research report, and type or write it up on its own separate sheet of paper. Bring this sheet of paper to class for our activity.


In addition to the research report, please


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