Due February 8

hedgehogRead Kurt Vonnegut’s story, “Harrison Bergeron” (available under the “Lit Readings” tab). I want you to do two things:

One, Locate the 1) catalyst, 2) crisis, 3) climax, and 4) resolution are in this story. Describe each in a sentence or so, and/or map them out on a triangle chart similar to the one passed out in class, and turn your work in, in the homework folder.

Two, think about the two main characters: Harrison, and Diana Moon Glampers. What other characters in books & movies that you’ve encountered do these people remind you of? What qualities seem to be their primary characteristics? What ideas drive them? You don’t need to write anything down for this; just think about it, so you’ll be prepared to discuss it in class.

Finally, please print out a copy of the story & bring it to class. It’s 7-8 pages, depending on how it prints, and in light of our experience with “The Most Dangerous Game,” I think you benefit when you have a hard copy to refer to. 🙂



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