Due January 30

Read “Ozymandias,” by Percy Bysshe Shelley. This was a last-minute add to my syllabus, and you can find the poem by clicking here. Please print a copy of the poem to have with you in class.

In this poem, a statue of an ancient Middle Eastern king (usually believed to be Egyptian) is described. Take note of how the statue characterizes the king.

You may do ONE of the following options for your homework assignment.

  • Imagery: Identify TWO images in the poem, detailed sensory descriptions that cause us to feel a certain way about the king. Copy these images word for word on a page (or highlight them on a copy of the poem), and then for each image, write 1-2 sentences that tell how these images cause you to feel towards the the king.
  • Speaker & Audience: Identify the speaker & audience (or the speakers & the audiences!) Write 2-3 sentences that tell who you believe the speaker & audience is, and how you came to this conclusion. Then choose three words that the speaker uses to describe the king, and based on these words, describe the speaker’s TONE towards the king. What do you think is the speaker’s purpose in sharing what he’s seen?

I think you’ll find that this poem


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