Due January 19

  • Read & print out Paper #1 Guidelines. You will find these under the “Course Documents” tab when you mouse over “English Composition.”
  • View the video, “How to Write a Summary” (under the “Readings” tab). In your homework notebook, answer this question: The video tells you how to write a summary. What information or tips does it provide that you learned in class? What information does it give you that was NOT given to you in class? In other words, what points does it ADD to what you learned in class? 

Don’t forget, you should be keeping up with your You Are What You Love readings! Also remember, your summary is due on January 24.


One thought on “Due January 19

  1. Hey, was that email meant for preparing for college english 2. We don’t have class on the 19the so I’m a little confused. Thanks!


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