Pre-Christmas Schedule

Here’s what to expect over the next few weeks of class. I’ve listed the topic of each class & what you’ll need to bring.

On Thursday, December 1 we’ll have a work day. I’ll review 1) argument structure and 2) source usage, then give you time to look for stronger sources than you have and/or develop your paper more. You should bring

  • A copy of your graded outline
  • Your laptop computer and/or tablet, fully charged OR writing materials
  • Copies of your sources

On Tuesday, December 6 we’ll do a peer review of your half-draft. You should bring

  • A printed copy of everything you have written thus far, at least six paragraphs with sources (does not include the introduction or conclusion)
  • A pen/pencil and a highlighter

On Thursday, December 8 we’ll wrap the course up. I’ll teach you to write introductions & conclusions, and we’ll do a short end-of-class review exercise. Please bring

  • Your notebook
  • A pen or pencil

On Friday, December 9 by 5.00 PM your final paper is due to my mailbox. 




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