Homework, due Nov 29

  • Due Tuesday, November 29: Reflection on sample papers due in class. See below for instructions.
  • Due Thursday, December 1: Half-draft due in class. See guidelines posted on “Course Documents” part of the website for instruction.
  • Due Thursday, December 8: Final paper due in class. End of class.

Directions for reading:

Read both sample Issues in Ministry papers (You will find these in the “Course Documents” part of the course website. One is on responding to LGBT people; the other, on the Singularity.)

Compare the two papers to the rubric, keeping in mind that although these papers aren’t perfect, they are still good examples! 

Using the blocks on the rubric as a guide, describe three specific lessons you can take away from these papers about how to write your own. For instance, what do you learn from the papers about describing your problem? About describing your solution? About introducing quotations?

Write one short paragraph (4-6 sentences) for each thing you learn from the papers, for a total of three short paragraphs. In each paragraph, refer to specific passages and/or details from the sample papers.Write this in your homework notebook & turn it in during class.

One other word to the wise: Remember, the goal is not to agree or disagree with these papers but to learn from them about how to write your own. You’re free to take a different position than the writer does, but we’re not going to talk about their ideas at all in class, only about how the papers are set up and what we can learn from them.

Please print both papers out & bring the hard copies to class on Tuesday, November 29. 




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