Homework due Nov 18, Nov 28

Your Ad Analysis paper is due no later than 2.30 PM on Friday, November 18. However, you are encouraged to turn your paper in early by printing it out & taking it to the front desk (Tell the staffer there it goes in Ms. VB’s box).

Over Thanksgiving, read the following TWO articles:

As you read (or when you finish) answer these questions:

  1. What is the point or main idea of each article? Write out the point/main idea as 2-3 complete sentences.
  2. Then compare the articles’ main points: What similar ideas do the articles convey? How do the two articles view advertisements similarly?
  3. Based on the articles, why do you think watching advertisements uncritically could be potentially dangerous for believers? Explain your answer in detail. Support it with at least one quotation from the article.
  4. Micah Murray writes that many ads “carry unhealthy and dangerous messages”. Re-watch the Skyy Vodka ad. Putting aside the fact that the ad shows drinking is okay, do you think it carries an unhealthy message about how we view ourselves & other people? If so, what is this message? Explain your answer.

Write your answer to these questions in your homework notebook. Bring your homework notebook back to class on Monday, November 28.



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