Homework, due Nov 2

Read these three resources on the cover letter:

  • What is a cover letter?
  • What do I include in a cover letter?
  • How do I format a cover letter?

Click on the link in each question to access the resources. Print the resources, and read them carefully, highlighting/marking important parts. As you go, answer these two questions:

  1. According to the resources, what will a potential employer learn about you from reading your cover letter?
  2. According to the resources, list at least three specific things that belong in a cover letter. Then tell what you think is the point of including each of these things in your cover letter; why do you think you want to include these things?
  3. Based on the reading, what do you think makes a successful cover letter different from an unsuccessful one? Describe at least three possible differences.

Write your answers in your book, and bring your homework book to class.


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