Homework, due October 28

Read “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals,” by Jib Fowles. You will find the reading under the “Readings” tab (Simply mouse over “Prep 2”, click on “Readings”, and you’ll see the link.)

When you read it, here’s what I want you to do:

  • Print out a complete hard copy of the essay.
  • Read with a pen in hand. As you read, underline words/passages that you think are key to understanding Fowles’s main point.
  • In your notebook, create a numbered list 1-15. For each number, sum up in your own words each appeal. In other words, state what you think Jib Fowles is getting at. When he refers to the “need for affiliation,” what kind of an appeal is that? What about the “need to aggress”? Be aware that because Fowles gives lots of examples, you will need to read between the lines.

Bring your homework book & hard copy of Fowles’s essay back to class.


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