Homework, due October 25

You won’t be turning this in. However, to stay abreast of course work, you should

  • Decide what terms you are going to define.
  • Decide what class or group your term belongs to, then write down as many qualities as you can that sets your term apart from other concepts in that same group. For instance, imagine you’re defining the term “discipleship.” This is a kind of learning or education. The things that set discipleship apart from other kinds of education are 1) it’s one-on-one, 2) it’s spiritually focused, 3) it emphasizes practical action, rather than intellectual knowledge, 4) it often involves an older person working with a younger person.
  • Do bring your qualities or terms back to class, so we can use them in an activity.

You should also email your interviewee to set up a time for the interview. Not sure who you should interview? Feel free to ask me – I love to help you brainstorm!



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