Homework, due October 18

By Friday at 11.59 PM, post one possible topic in the comments section of this thread. You MUST post 1) a complete sentence, and 2) something other people have not posted! Then take the time to read what your classmates have written; this will give you an idea of what topics you could potentially write about.

While you are on break, talk with your friends & family about the topics:

  • Do they agree with you that these are problems?
  • What is the real problem here? Why is it a problem? Who does it affect?
  • Are there other problems they see, that you should be aware of?

Come prepared to share your thoughts.


36 thoughts on “Homework, due October 18

  1. When talking about the gospel in church, the pastor should not water it down, rather interpret it accurately so everyone can receive benefits from it.


  2. Young adults in our churches today are often overlooked in many aspects; the leaders in our churches often think they cannot trust/don’t know how to connect with our next generation when in reality they may one day be running the church and need to be trained and mentored.


  3. The church’s ministry to “orphans and widows” is largely neglected among many churches (the “orphans and widows” in our culture often being single moms and kids who are in foster care) and the church has been replaced by the social system of the government to care for these people.


  4. Church rapidly growing? Good or Bad? If you have a large church how many people are true followers? is authenticity being overlooked in the church? is the church not representing christ well? Is the church being marketed like a business?


  5. The church needs to start teaching the younger generations on how to properly deal with modern day issues that they will face in the future.


  6. The unity in a church with respect to like mindedness and considering others above ourselves is the best expression of a well functioning church and Gods love among us. This is what Satan will attack first. What does a church have to do to stay united? If any thing happens to the unity how it should be confronted?


  7. A potential topic is the Christian response to mental illness, or even the acknowledgment of it. AKA “If you just prayed harder or sinned less you wouldn’t be depressed”


  8. Many children of beliveing parents have been turnig away from God and His word. If this circumstance will go on, we cannot make ready the next generation prepared.


  9. How can the Church effectively minister to those of other religions without becoming too overly pushy, I.E. graceful evangelism?


  10. Ministry developing and supporting the family unit is something critical the church should be doing, especially for young families.


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