Homework, due October 12

  • Bring your Grammar to Go book to class.
  • Decide which email you want to write. (The list of emails you can write is on the assignment directions, which I handed out last week. Find your handout & pick an email to write.)
  • Revise the last “bad email” on the handout I gave you in class. Make at least two changes. You could 1) remove details that are not needed in the email, or 2) add details that are important to the email’s main idea. If you’ve lost the handout, here is the email:

Email #3: Imagine that Esther is emailing her professor with questions about the final project, to make sure that what she is working on is correct. Note that the third step of the project, in the project directions, asks students to include “Notes on why your taxonomy of assessment choices are best for your students”.


I have two questions about the final project. First, your instructions for the third step of the project are unclear to me; I’m not sure what we’re supposed to be doing. Could you explain this more to me? Second, I can’t remember whether we are supposed to use Wingdings or Comic Sans font. Could you remind me?


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