Homework, due October 10

You will have a quiz that asks you to tell the difference between phrases & clauses. 

To prepare, please complete this exercise: Read each of the sentences below. Decide whether the part in bold is 1) a phrase, which does not have a subject and a verb, or 2) a clause, which has both a subject & a verb.

In your homework book, write whether each bolded part is a phrase or a clause. I will collect your books in class & give you credit for your work.

  1. After I get off work on Saturday, I have a lot of homework to do!
  2. After work, Sally and I are going out for ice cream.
  3. I stayed until the very end.
  4. Until Darth Vader appeared, the movie was boring.
  5. Donald fell asleep during the sermon.
  6. Donald fell asleep while the preacher was speaking.
  7. Hiking in the San Juan mountains, Chris and Jen saw a herd of moose.
  8. Could I please have more time to complete this project, since my younger sister is coming to visit?

The last two are a little tricky, so be careful!


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