Homework, due Oct 7

As soon as you can, but no later than Thursday at noon, email me a copy of your Personal Narrative paper as it now stands. I won’t be grading this, just using it to develop Friday’s lesson.

Most of your energy should go into revising the Personal Narrative essay based on the feedback you got in class on Wednesday. However, don’t forget to read up on Comma Splices if you haven’t yet!

This is the homework I accidentally assigned early. If you already did it, no worries; you don’t have to do it again! But if you haven’t done this yet, please:

  • Read Chapter 9 & listen to the GG podcast episode “What Is a Subordinating Clause?”
  • Then do Practice sets 9-2, 9-4, 9-5, 9-6, and 9-7, only the first two of each practice set.

Print out a new copy of your paper & bring it to class on Friday.


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