Homework, due Sept 27

You have your second research report due. For this one, I’d urge you to look for a source on a different aspect of your topic than your first one. Get some breadth in your research!

Also, please read the two articles on using quotations helpfully: 1) Quotations, from UNC-Chapel Hill, and 2) Annoying Ways People Use Sources, from Writing Spaces. When you’ve finished these readings, please answer both of the following questions: 

  • According to these two articles, what are some common mistakes people make in quoting research? Describe at least four mistakes; tell how that mistake makes your writing less clear or more difficult to read. You will write approximately about two sentences per mistake.
  • Describe two rules or guidelines you will set for yourself, in terms of the way that you use quotations & research in your papers. (By “guidelines,” I mean a principle of good quoting that you will adhere to closely.) Write these out clearly as full sentences. Be creative! I am going to compile a list of the guidelines and provide it to you in class around the time that you write your first draft.

Please note, since the two readings were originally intended to count as separate assignments, your two prompts will count as separate assignments: Describing four common mistakes is one homework assignment, worth four points (as usual); describing two rules or guidelines for yourself is another four points (as usual).

Put the result of your homework in your homework book and turn it in during class on Tuesday.



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