Homework, due Sept 20

Using the research questions that we developed, find at least one source. Post a hyperlink to it, along with a one-sentence summary of its main idea, in the comments no later than 11.59 PM on Sunday, Sept 18. (The early due date allows me to plan class around the sources you have actualy found. The posting in the comments allows your classmates to access your sources too, if they find them helpful.)

By class time on Tuesday, read “Evaluating Internet Research Sources” from the Virtual Salt website (you will find this under the “Readings” tab of the course website, and answer this prompt: The article lists four standards (or characteristics) of trustworthy sources. Put each standard in your own words (about one sentence per standard). Then write 2-3 sentences that explain how these standards are similar to and/or different from the standards or qualities of trustworthy sources that we discussed in class.  that explain how 

Write your answer in your homework book, and turn it in on Tuesday.



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