Homework, due Sept 8

  • Finish formatting your Warm-Up Paper. Print it out, staple it, and turn it in during class. Turn your marked-up copy of Wendell Berry’s essay in too.
  • Read the paper directions for the summary & Paper #1 carefully. You will have a chance to ask questions in class on September 8.
  • Watch “How to Write a Summary,” from SmrtEnglish. You will find the link available on the “Readings” tab of the course website. In your homework book, please answer this prompt: How are the instructions given in the SmrtEnglish video on writing a summary similar to the instructions given in class? What information does the SmrtEnglish video add to the instructions you were given in class? Finally, based on the video, describe how to organize a summary: What goes in the first sentence of a summary, and what goes in the body of the paragraph?
  • Finally, to make sure you’re ready to write, finish writing down the gist of each paragraph in your copy of the essay.  

Also, please bring writing materials (either a laptop computer, or pen & paper) to class on Thursday, as we will be writing the summary in class.

Church Mice


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